Executive Summary Objectives Mission Vision Strategy Conclusion  
With global trend moving towards green, greater awareness to health & hygiene, our unique products cater and address the growing concern of the global consumers, directly and indirectly.

Keywords that associated with our products are:
Herbal Extract
Eco & Environmentally Friendly
Water‐Based Formulation
(Emphasis varies according to the cultural, religious & regional background.)
Setting Trend
What do you call a safe, eco & environmentally friendly & multi‐function solution? It is too mouthful (& not cool) just to say the multi‐function properties as Disinfectant, Deodorizer, Fungicide, Insecticide, Insect Repellent and Plant‐Growth Enhancer. Hence the catchy brand name "Bio‐X® / Biovectrol®" was created. We want to build a synonym or standard where "Bio‐X® / Biovectrol®" denotes all of the above desire qualities & functions. We want to set the standard so that it becomes trendy (& cool) to mention: "Have your place been Bio‐X® / Biovectrol®?" or "This restaurant has been Bio‐X® / Biovectrol®".
Multi‐Functions: It is not just a nice‐to‐have feature but a necessity
Under most circumstances and environments, single specific function solution is never sufficient or adequate to resolve the problems at hand. In the following sections, we will demonstrate in each of the industries, the important or necessity of multi‐functions solution to address those issues.

Secondly, using multi‐function solution is totally different from using a few specific solutions added together or apply together. This is simply because the formulation in Bio‐X® / Biovectrol® blended all compatible ingredients to provide maximum effect. When applying few specific independent single function solutions, the combination of the solution may be cancelling the effect in or conflicting with one another and under worst case scenario, produce highly toxic by products.

Thirdly, the Bio‐X® / Biovectrol® combines many type of herbal extractions that strengthen and complement the formulation. For the pests to build resistant against Bio‐X® / Biovectrol® would be highly improbable since the various ingredients in the solution are attacking them from multiple angles, confusing the nerve and life supporting systems.
It is not enough just to kills the insects (if at all those commercial insecticides are effective & safe), following factors remain critical:
Repellent Effect that continue to keep the insects away;
Fungicide Property that kill those fungus that attack the plants;
Residue Effect that will continue to kill the insects if & when the insects return.;
Condition the soil;
Strengthen the plant;
The Residue Tested Safe for consumption;
Meet International standard for pesticide residue so that the produce can be graded as A for its higher sale value;
Does not pollute the soil and underground water even under long term exposure.
Biovectrol® meets those requirements and thus creating value for the farmers for immediate return and long term profits. Not to mention saving the earth from eternal death.
Commercial Industries
There are many industries where Bio‐X® / Biovectrol® provides the only complete solution to the problems they are facing. Among them:
a. Hotels, Public & Private Lounges, Public Transport, Airline, etc: Insects especially Bed Bugs (which has built up a very high resistant against common insecticides) and Left‐Over Cigarette Smell and Bad Mouldy Odour from carpet and environment, remain the biggest operational challenge to those establishments owning the business.

Bio‐X® / Biovectrol® being safe, effective and multi‐functions remains the only viable solution that is able to effectively solve those problems above. In addition, Bio‐X® / Biovectrol® is able to render those places for immediate occupation and thus creating higher turnover and customer satisfaction for the establishments.

Due to its multi‐functions feature, Bio‐X® / Biovectrol® has proven to reduce the operational cost.
b. Food processing industry, restaurant, market, etc, has never ever been able to effectively combat the insects especially cockroaches from the environment. No safe solution that is able to kill, repel, sanitize and remove the bad odour in those environments. Again, Bio‐X® / Biovectrol® is the only effective solutions.
Public Health
Taking a typical example when we spray or fog the environment against insects such as housefly, cockroach, mosquito etc, it never is sufficient just to kill the insects simply because whichever area those insects has crawl through or landed, bacterial and germs have already been spread to those surfaces. When you spray and fog the environment, you will also sanitize those surface areas that have been ‘touch’ by them.

Secondly, even those insects were death after spraying or fogging, those germ and bacteria continue to live inside the bodies. Hence you need the Disinfectant property to exterminate those bacteria and germs as well.

Thirdly, it is also important to be able to kill the larvae in the environment thus breaking the breeding cycles. The Herbal Extracts provide that special effect to eradicate the larvae.

Fourthly, acting as Repellent, even those insects that have not been in contact with the solution, it will compel them away, hence creating a shield that protect the environment and making it truly pest free.

Finally, Bio‐X® / Biovectrol® residue that have been left behind after the spraying or fogging, is able to continue stay effective for days protecting us against the pests.

As Fungicide, not only Bio‐X®  / Biovectrol® kills the fungus & mould but also remove the bad odour that was created by the fungus, mould & bacterial.

Most of the Deodorisers and/or Air Freshener available today are alcohol based added with artificial perfume. The alcohol is supposed to act as “disinfectant” and the artificial perfume is just trying to cover up the existing bad odour in the environment. Hence, when applying those commercial Deodorisers or Disinfectant, you are actually making the situation worse by inhaling alcohol, artificial perfume and the existing bad odour.

Bio‐X® / Biovectrol® exterminates the fungus, mould & bacterial that is the source of the problem and neutralise the bad odour with Natural Lemon or Pine fragrance.
Animal Hygiene
Bio‐X® / Biovectrol® as the multi‐function solution, as Insecticide, it kills the flea, ticks & mites, as Deodorizer, it removes the bad odour from the furs or bodies and as Disinfectant, it heals the body wound. Test has shown that It does not irritate the animals be it mammal or avian.

It is known that most of the pandemic originated from mammal or avian; the swine flu and the bird flu are the 2 most recent examples.

We believe our products are effective against those viruses but remain to be tested as the process is costly. With the right funding, budget can then be allocated for r&d, verification and certification process.

Nevertheless, as it is, it has been tested effective against some major animal viruses affecting cattle, poultry and swine.
Consumers: Diverse and Broad Market Segments
Since our products are multi‐functions and it is able to address many of the market segments adequately. The question is about trendy packaging, labelling & promotion. Our strength lies with our core formulation and by varies the packaging size, format and sometimes small variation in formulation; we can easily address the diverse cross segments of market.

With that, we have the economy of scale on our productions and raw materials.

Being safe & water‐based, Bio‐X® can literally apply in any place like shoe & rack, cupboard, kitchen, bed, carpet, hands & body, inside the car, garden, etc. Being multi‐functions, it exterminates insects, fungus, mould, bacteria, germ and remove bad odour.

No other consumer product gives you this kind of leverage to your home and at the same time reduces household expenses.
Special Purpose Applications
After any disastrous event happened, the location is stench with bad odour, air filled with bacterial & germs and insects that attract to those death carcases and in turn spread the disease and virus in that area. Spraying and fogging disinfectant alone has never been enough to sanitise the area. Bio‐X® / Biovectrol® would be idea under such circumstances.

Others special purpose application such as for military & army personnel on active duty, rescue personnel on mission, etc.